Can You Take Human Ashes on Singapore Airlines? Our Experience Explained

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While this guuide is primarily aimed at UK and Irish passengers flying outbound with human ashes, the same guidelines generally apply to all Singapore Airlines flights, regardless of departure or arrival location.

Navigating the complexities of travelling with a loved one’s ashes demands meticulous planning and a keen understanding of the rules. Regulations can change, so even though we have experience transporting ashes on Singapore Airlines in the past, we reached out to them recently to get the most up-to-date information on how to proceed. Here’s what we learned.


How to Pack and Seal an Urn on Singapore Airlines when carrying Ashes

The first thing that the airline emphasised was the importance of packing the urn correctly. The urn should be:

  • Packed in a shock-absorbing material to protect against breakage.
  • Sealed securely to ensure that there’s no risk of spillage during the journey.
  • This way, you can ensure the urn remains intact throughout the trip, giving you peace of mind.


Essential Documents Required for Carrying Ashes on Singapore Airlines

It’s crucial to carry certain documents with you while transporting human ashes. These are:

  • The Certificate of Death
  • The Certificate of Cremation

These certificates should accompany the passenger responsible for carrying the ashes. Just a copy of each document is sufficient.

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Security Procedures

If you plan to carry the ashes as carry-on baggage, be prepared for full security procedures, including X-ray screening, at the airport. It’s recommended to avoid urns made from materials like metal that are too thick for the X-ray machine to penetrate. If the contents of the urn can’t be clearly identified during the screening, there’s a risk that you won’t be allowed to carry it on board.


Cabin Baggage Specifications

Singapore Airlines allows up to two bags in the cabin depending on your class of travel. The weight and dimension restrictions are as follows:

Suites, First Class, Business Class:

2 pieces, up to 7kg each. Dimensions should not exceed 115cm when you add length, width, and height.

Premium Economy Class, Economy Class:

1 piece, up to 7kg. Dimensions should not exceed 115cm when you add length, width, and height.

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Pre-Travel Steps for Transporting Ashes on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines highly recommends contacting their local office in advance if you require any advice or assistance for transporting the ashes. This can save you unnecessary stress on the day of travel.

Travelling with human ashes on Singapore Airlines is indeed possible, as long as you adhere strictly to the guidelines. Ensuring that you have all the required documents and that the urn is correctly packed and sealed will make for a smoother experience.


If you've found this guide to be of value, please think about sharing it with others who might also find it beneficial. If you've had the experience of traveling with ashes on Singapore Airlines, we would be grateful if you could take a moment to leave a comment below, providing details of your experience. Your input is incredibly important to us. Our objective is to make the process of traveling with ashes less challenging for anyone flying with Singapore Airlines.
How heavy is My URN?
When taking a flight with Singapore Airlines and carrying cremated remains, it's crucial to tally the combined weight of both the ashes and the urn. The ashes themselves usually tip the scales between 1.8kg and 4kg, and the urn can contribute an additional weight ranging from 1kg to 3kg. Consequently, the total weight may vary from a minimum of 2.8kg to a maximum of 7kg, with the average hovering around 4.9kg. If a lighter option is preferable, you might want to think about using a scatter tube, which weighs just 0.35kg.
What size is my URN?
As for the urn's size, its height generally varies from 10 to 12 inches (or 25 to 30 cm), and its diameter falls between 6 and 8 inches (or 15 to 20 cm). For the most exact measurements, it's wise to either manually measure the urn, consult the retailer's specifications, or reach out to the crematorium if that’s where the urn was sourced.
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