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Body Repatriation
The particulars of the deceased.

Funeral Directors Declaration to validate the contents of the URN during the transportation across borders.

We will need to obtain the cremation certificate from you (this is provided by the crematorium).

The death certificate will be required.

A sealed URN would be require for transportation.


England to India


England to Poland


England to Jamaica


Scotland to Jamaica


Republic of Ireland to China



Spain to England


United States to England


Canada to England


Australia to Scotland


France to Republic of Ireland


What is Body Repatriation?

They are called International body repatriation companies or International funeral directors. We recommend that you choose a company that has extensive experience in repatriation.

Why might you repatriate someone?

With 281 million people living outside their country of birth in 2020, it's clear that many individuals reside in countries other than their homelands which could be for the following reasons:

Cultural beliefs
In some cultures and among various nationalities, the birthplace holds significant sentimental meaning. As a result, repatriating a body for burial or cremation to its place of origin may be deemed crucial, underscoring the significance of cultural customs.

Visiting Abroad
According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), approximately 1 billion people travelled abroad for their holidays in 2022. With this high volume of international travel, repatriation services may become necessary if individuals pass away while on vacation, business trips or studying.

Should your loved one or employee sadly pass away abroad, it's essential to contact your travel insurance company. They will be well-positioned to assist you financially during this challenging time, providing support and guidance tailored to your unique situation.

Wish & Will
Your loved one may have specified in their will or expressed to family members a desire to be buried or interred in a particular location. However, if the deceased is not a citizen of the country to which they wish to be repatriated, fulfilling this request might be highly unlikely.

Comfort for the Family
Having your loved one close to family and friends can provide comfort and facilitate the mourning process.

If your loved one has died and been buried in a country due to financial or personal convenience, and you later decide to exhume the body and repatriate it to another country, Rosy International can assist with both the exhumation and repatriation process.

What is the process of Body Repatriation?

Get an online quote Firsty, we suggest obtaining an online quote or reaching out to us by phone to get a preliminary idea of the costs involved. Please be aware that the online quote will serve as an approximate estimate; for a more precise quote, a direct conversation on the phone with us is necessary.

Our conversation During our phone conversation, we will inquire about specific details to better assist you. Questions we may ask include:

Has the death been registered by the family or next of kin?
What is the cause of death?
Where is the body currently located?
What is the intended final destination country?

This information will help us provide a more accurate quote and tailor our services to your needs.

Accurate Estimate After gathering all the necessary details, we will furnish you with an updated, detailed quote that includes all the specifics. Your signature and acceptance of this quote are required for us to move on to the next steps of the process.

Obtain the necessary documents Upon receiving your approval, we will proceed to collect various documents essential for the repatriation of the body. These typically include:

  • Death certificate (usually the original)
  • Deceased's passport
  • Authorization letter from the next of kin
  • Next of kin's passport

Additional documents may be required, depending on the specific requirements of the destination country.

Approval from Local Authorities Next, we will submit a request to local authorities for permission to transport the body internationally. In England & Wales, this authorization is known as an Out of England certificate. In Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland, it's referred to as an Out of Country certificate. This is essentially the approval given by the coroner to allow for the body's transit abroad.

Collection into care We will retrieve your loved one using our private ambulance from the designated location and take them into our care. If your loved one is currently with your local funeral directors, we'll coordinate with them to determine the most suitable time either for us to collect your loved one or for them to make the delivery.

Embalming and sanitization Once your loved one is in our care, embalming is generally a mandatory requirement for most countries before transportation can proceed. We perform this procedure with the utmost dignity and care, and then issue an Embalming Certificate for approval by the embassy and local authorities.

In cases where embalming is not required, such as in Iraq for members of the Muslim faith, the body would be sanitised through washing and cleaning at a local mosque.

Coffin and Caskets We would next place the body in a hermetically sealed coffin, appropriately wrapped and selected to meet both airline and destination country specifications for body repatriation.

Embassy & Documents Depending on the regulations of the destination country, a visit to the embassy may or may not be necessary. For instance, Cameroon requires an in-person embassy visit, while Egypt not only mandates a personal embassy visit but also insists that the coffin be brought to the consulate office for an official sealing and issuance of a mortuary passport/permit. Conversely, Keyna necessitates only email or phone communication.

Additionally, some destination countries mandate that documents such as death certificates and embalming certificates be authenticated with an apostille stamp, which serves to legalise these documents. To fulfil this requirement, we would visit the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) at King Charles St, London SW1A 2AH to secure the necessary accreditation.

Arrival at Airport We will book the most appropriate mode of transportation (generally air transportation), although this depends on the destinations.

We would deliver the body to the cargo terminal in our private ambulance with all the correct documentation including the Air Waybill (AWB) which is the details of the shipment, in this case the coffin.

Tracking & Arrivals We will keep you continually updated throughout the entire process via our online progress tracker. This is especially critical during the freight phase, as the consignee - usually your pre arranged local funeral director (consignee) - needs to be aware of the exact times (and potential delays) for body collection at the airport.

How long does it take to repatriate a body?

Every repatriation case is unique, making it challenging to provide an exact timeframe. However, the process generally averages between 7 to 10 days from start to finish.

In instances where the cause of death is suspicious, such as a potential homicide, a comprehensive autopsy may be necessary, potentially extending the timeline by weeks.

If the death resulted from a contagious disease, additional delays might occur. For example, Canada will not allow entry until at least six months have passed since the time of death if the cause was Cholera or Plague.

While airline delays are rare for cargo shipments, they can still occur. In such cases, we would coordinate the next available flights to minimise any further delays.

How much does Body Repatriation Cost from the UK abroad?

The expenses associated with repatriation can vary significantly, ranging from £2845 to £3255. Countries like Afghanistan is generally the most affordable options, while China tends to be the most expensive. The primary factors affecting cost fluctuations are flight expenses and specific country regulations. For a more accurate estimate tailored to your situation, we suggest obtaining a quick online quote or calling us directly for pricing details and additional information.

Body Repatriation FAQ

What is the name of a company that takes a dead person from one country to another?
They are called International body repatriation companies or International funeral directors. We recommend that you choose a company that has extensive experience in repatriation.
Can a body be denied repatriation?
In specific situations, the repatriation of a body may be refused. This can occur if the country to which the remains are being sent has regulations against importing human remains, if the cause of death is still under investigation, or if the deceased was not a citizen of the destination country.
Can I repatriate a dead person myself?
This can't be done without the assistance of an international funeral director to handle the body's transportation.

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