Can You Take Human Ashes on Aer Lingus?

While this guuide is primarily aimed at UK and Irish passengers flying outbound with human ashes, the same guidelines generally apply to all Aer Lingus flights, regardless of departure or arrival location.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is already a challenging experience. The complexities of travelling with their ashes on Aer Lingus can add an additional layer of stress. In this information guide, we aim to provide you with comprehensive information to help make your travel planning easier and stress-free.


Can You Take Ashes on a Plane with Aer Lingus?

The good news is that yes, you can take human ashes on an Aer Lingus flight. But there are specific guidelines and restrictions you need to be aware of to ensure a seamless travel experience.

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What Aer Lingus Allows for Ashes

  • Carry-on and Checked Luggage: Ashes can be stored in either your carry-on or checked luggage.
  • Type of Ashes: Aer Lingus allows only human ashes; animal ashes are not permitted.
  • Required Documentation: You must carry a copy of both the death certificate and the cremation certificate.


Aer Lingus’ Urn Restrictions for Travelling with Ashes

If you plan to fly with ashes, you’ll need to transport them in an urn. Aer Lingus has set the following specifications for the urn:

  • Arrangement: The urn must be secure and leak-proof.
  • Material: The urn needs to be made from materials that are x-ray friendly and non-metallic, such as glass, ceramic, plastic, wood, or marble, to ensure it can pass through security screenings.
  • Size and Weight: Make sure the urn fits within Aer Lingus’ baggage weight and size restrictions.


Baggage Allowance on Aer Lingus for Ashes Transport

It’s essential to fit the urn within the following baggage dimensions and weight limits:

Carry-on Bag:

Up to 10kg and measuring 55cm x 40cm x 24cm.

Hold Luggage:

Maximum dimensions (length + width + height) = 158cm, with a maximum weight of 20kg.

Note: You can opt to upgrade your baggage allowance for a fee if needed.

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Where Can You Fly to with Ashes on Aer Lingus?

You can transport ashes to all destinations covered by Aer Lingus. But be cautious—different countries have their own rules for transporting ashes. Not having the right paperwork might result in the ashes being confiscated by customs at your destination.


Suggestions for Travelling with Ashes on Aer Lingus

Before flying, consult your destination country’s embassy to understand the necessary documentation required for travelling with ashes. Doing so will ensure a smoother, stress-free journey.


If you've found value in this guide, please consider sharing it with others who may also find it helpful. If you've had the experience of traveling with ashes on Aer Lingus, we kindly request that you leave a detailed comment below, sharing your experience. Your input is greatly appreciated by us. Our mission is to help reduce the difficulties associated with traveling with ashes for individuals flying with Aer Lingus.
How heavy is My URN?
When you're flying with Aer Lingus and need to transport cremated remains, it's vital to factor in the total weight of both the ashes and the urn. The weight of ashes generally falls between 1.8kg and 4kg, while an urn could add an additional 1kg to 3kg. As a result, the complete weight can range from as low as 2.8kg to as high as 7kg, averaging around 4.9kg. Alternatively, you could consider a scatter tube, which has a negligible weight of just 0.35kg.
What size is my URN?
In terms of urn dimensions, they usually stand between 10 and 12 inches tall (25 to 30 cm) and possess a diameter ranging from 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm). For the most precise measurements, it's wise to either take the dimensions of the urn yourself, verify the specifications at the point of purchase, or reach out to the crematorium if that's where you obtained the urn or container.
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