What can go inside the coffin when repatriating a body?

When repatriating a body, there are specific rules and regulations to follow, and the contents of the coffin must be in compliance with the requirements of the airlines, as well as the laws of the origin and destination countries.

In general, a coffin may contain the following items:

  • The deceased’s body, prepared and dressed according to cultural and religious practices.
  • Absorbent materials to prevent leaks and odours.
  • Personal items such as clothing, jewellery, or other sentimental objects, provided they comply with regulations are permitted. 


Can you put flowers into a coffin before the deceased goes onto the plane?

It is not recommended as both airlines and embassies tend to have strict rules when it comes to contents within a coffin. However, rules constantly change and everything is case by case basis when it comes to rules and regulations.


What is a Declaration by the funeral director as to the contents of the coffin?

Is a document that provides a detailed description of what is inside the coffin. This document is usually required by airlines and customs authorities to ensure that the coffin’s contents meet the necessary regulations and pose no risk to public health or safety. The declaration typically includes information about the deceased, the materials used in the preparation of the body, and a list of any personal items or other objects inside the coffin. The funeral director must sign this declaration, and it may need to be notarized or certified, depending on the requirements of the involved countries

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