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Dear James

We extend our deepest condolences for your loss. Below, you will find estimated quotes for Body repatriation from Northern Ireland to Wales.

Should you have any questions please call me on +44 800 058 4557

Kind regards

James (Repatriation Care Specialist)

Northern Ireland to Wales

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Airline Fee

We book and pay for any airline fees.

We have based the airline locations from Belfast to Cardiff

*Contact us if you require a different city/town locations.

Professional Case Handler

We provide a dedicated body repatriation care specialist with extensive expertise in handling complex cases with compassion and efficiency.

We have experience working with authorities in and establishing strong connections and understanding the necessary protocols to facilitate the repatriation process seamlessly.

Your repatriation care specialist, dedicated to excellence, ensures that every part of the process is handled with efficiency, providing you relief during this challenging time.

Bringing into Care

We can collect any time of day/night (Available 24/7).

Collecting your loved one from any location, whether it’s a hospital, care facility, home or anywhere else.

Ensuring a smooth transition into our care.

Within a 30 mile radius of our local office in Northern Ireland

Care & Clean

Our experienced team will take extra care during the cleaning and preparation process of your loved one, guaranteeing that they are presented with dignity.

In compliance with airline and local authorities requirements, we perform embalming services, ensuring proper preservation and alignment with regulatory guidelines.

Documentation Handling

We liaise with local authorities on your behalf, obtaining the necessary permissions for transportation to Afghanistan.

We’ll take care of obtaining the right certificates, streamlining the bureaucratic process and saving you time and effort.

We will ensure paperwork is completed accurately and promptly, preventing delays or complications.

Traditional Coffin

A fully compliant coffin that adheres to all regulations, including IATA rules, is provided as part of our service.

We take care in dressing your cherished loved one in a simple gown that we provide, or in any clothing you have personally selected.

Transfers & Airports

We carefully transport the coffin to the airport, prepared for freight.

We will coordinate with export and customs officials to ensure a smooth and seamless process.

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Why is this only an estimate?

We can’t provide final pricing until we have details about the exact details including the pick-up and drop-off locations.

Additionally, please note that flight costs are subject to variation. We have made every effort to give you the most accurate cost estimates.

Extra Care

Extra care could be

We do not cover any third party costs e.g. police, hostpical bills or anythign else .

Figures are only estimates read our terms of use here

Helpful information

Can I travel on the same flight as the coffin?

Typically, it is possible for you to travel on the same flight as the coffin. However, please be aware that at the airport, the coffin may only become available for collection a few hours later. This is due to the various processes involved in transporting cargo into the country, which can cause a waiting period before the coffin can be retrieved. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and will do our best to keep you informed throughout the process.

Can we transport their personal belongings?

Absolutely, if you wish to send your loved one’s personal valuables to Wales, it is indeed possible. However, it’s important to note that the items must be shipped separately from the coffin. For a comprehensive understanding of this service and an estimation of any additional fees involved, please feel free to reach out to us. Our team is more than willing to provide any further details you may require to facilitate this process.

What will he/she/nonbinary will be wearing?

We offer the choice to dress your beloved in a modest gown or attire of your preference. You are welcome to explore other alternatives by having a conversation with our expert care team.

Can we view the body before transportation?

While you are welcome to do so, we kindly ask you to schedule an appointment in advance. However, we want to emphasise that this may not always be the most suitable option. In cases where the condition of the body is not conducive to viewing, we will advise against it. Sometimes, witnessing the state of the body can be more distressing to your cherished memories of your loved one than it is helpful for finding closure.

Is embalming a necessity?

We acknowledge and respect that certain religions and beliefs hold objections to embalming, which is a temporary preservation method. However, embalming is mandatory by the local authorities.

When the coffin arrives what happens?

You would need to arrange a funeral director (consignee) who will receive your loved one upon arrival. If you have any questions regarding this please let us know.