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Dear James

We extend our deepest condolences for your loss. Below, you will find estimated quotes for Ashes repatriation from Azerbaijan to Northern Ireland.

Should you have any questions please call me on +44 800 058 4557

Kind regards

James (Repatriation Care Specialist)

Azerbaijan to Northern Ireland

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Airline Fee

We book and pay for any airline fees.

We have based the airline locations from Baku to Belfast

*Contact us if you require a different city/town locations.

Professional Case Handler

We provide a dedicated ashes repatriation care specialist with extensive expertise in handling complex cases with compassion and efficiency.

We have experience working with authorities in Northern Ireland and Azerbaijan, establishing strong connections and understanding the necessary protocols to facilitate the repatriation process seamlessly.

We ensure that every part of the process is handled with efficiency, providing you relief during this challenging time.

Documentation Handling

We liaise with local authorities on your behalf, obtaining the necessary permissions for transportation to Northern Ireland.

We’ll take care of obtaining the right certificates, streamlining the bureaucratic process and saving you time and effort.

We will ensure paperwork is completed accurately and promptly, preventing delays or complications.

Travel & Chaperone

We are available anytime to collect your loved one’s ashes, whether from a crematorium, home, or any other location, at any time of day or night.

A care agent from Rosy International will accompany the ashes through airports, handling them with dignity and care during the entire journey.

We will personally deliver the ashes to your front door.

Live Tracker

You will receive live updates online of the entire process or you can speak to a member of staff.

We are committed to maintaining transparency and keeping you informed at all times.

A dedicated login facility is available for you to access all the necessary information.

Estimate Total: GBP/£1543.61






Why is this only an estimate?

We can’t provide final pricing until we have details about the exact details including the pick-up and drop-off locations.

Additionally, please note that flight costs are subject to variation. We have made every effort to give you the most accurate cost estimates.

Itemised Cost

Airline Fee: GBP/£573.61





Professional Case Handler: GBP/£200





Documentation Handling: GBP/£100





Travel & Chaperone: GBP/£620






The urn/container containing the ashes must adhere to all applicable rules, including those established by the airline and airport security. It must be made from a non-metallic, X-ray transparent material to ensure smooth clearance at security checks. If you need us to supply an urn or container, there may be additional costs involved.

Delivering to your Door

When we reach Northern Ireland, we will provide free delivery of the ashes within a 20 mile radius. Beyond this distance, extra charges will apply.

Figures are only estimates read our terms of use here

Helpful information

Can we collect the ashes from a crematorium?

We are able to collect the ashes from any crematorium. To facilitate the process, we kindly request the ‘next of kins’ copy of the passport and an authorization letter confirming our permission to retrieve the ashes.

Can we collect the ashes from my home?

Indeed, we can assist in collecting the ashes from your home or any other designated location, and we offer delivery services to any destination of your choosing. Your convenience and preferences are our priority.

Who will travel with the ashes?

Rest assured, a dedicated Rosy International agent will personally accompany the ashes during the journey. To guarantee utmost security and compliance, the ashes will be safely enclosed within a regulated and secure container throughout the entire process. Your loved one’s remains will be treated with the utmost care and respect during transit.

Is it possible to track the ashes during transit?

After you’ve confirmed your arrangements with us, you’ll have the ability to track the full progress online from start to finish. We offer online tracking updates to keep you well-informed.

How long does the process take?

The time required to complete the process can vary for each case, but it typically takes just a few days.