Can I Repatriate a Body Myself?

DIY Repatriation vs. Hiring a Funeral Director: Pros and Cons

While it is possible to repatriate a body yourself, there are several advantages to hiring a funeral director. They have experience in handling the logistics, can guide you through the legal requirements, and help you navigate international laws. However, doing it yourself may be more cost-effective and allow you to maintain control over the process but with limited experience.


DIY Repatriation Pros:

Cost savings: DIY repatriation can save you money, as you won’t be paying for a funeral director’s services.

Personal touch: Handling the repatriation process yourself allows you to add a personal touch and make decisions that reflect the deceased’s wishes and your family’s preferences.

Flexibility: You have more control over the timeline and can make adjustments to the repatriation process as needed.

Learning experience: Managing the repatriation process can be an opportunity to learn about different customs, traditions, and requirements.

Sense of accomplishment: Successfully completing a DIY repatriation can provide a sense of accomplishment and closure.


DIY Repatriation Cons:

Time-consuming: Handling the repatriation process yourself can be very time-consuming, as it involves coordinating multiple steps and parties.

Complexity: Navigating international laws and regulations can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with the processes and requirements. Some embassies will refuse to work with families – they only work with funeral directors.

Emotional burden: Managing the repatriation process can be emotionally draining, adding to the stress of grieving.

Risk of errors: DIY repatriation leaves room for errors, which could result in delays or additional costs.

Limited resources and expertise: You may not have access to the same resources and expertise as a professional funeral director.


Hiring a International Funeral Director Pros:

Expertise: Funeral directors have the experience and knowledge to navigate the complexities of international repatriation.

Time-saving: By hiring an International funeral director, you can focus on grieving and supporting your family instead of managing the repatriation process.

Reduced stress: A International funeral director can alleviate the emotional burden by taking care of the logistical aspects of repatriation.

Comprehensive services: Funeral directors can coordinate all aspects of the repatriation process, including transportation, documentation, and customs clearance.

Support and guidance: Funeral directors can provide emotional support and guidance, helping families make informed decisions.


Hiring a Funeral Director Cons:

Cost: Hiring a funeral director can be more expensive than DIY repatriation, as you’ll need to pay for their services.

Less personal control: You may have less control over the details of the repatriation process when working with a funeral director. However, at Rosy we do our best to personalise the service.

Potential communication barriers: If the funeral director is located in a different country, there may be communication barriers due to time differences or language. However at Rosy International we can assist 24/7 for emergencies. 

Limited choice: Depending on your location, there may be a limited number of funeral directors experienced in international repatriation.

Trust: You’ll need to trust the funeral director to handle the repatriation process according to your wishes, which can be difficult for some families.


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