Can You Have a Funeral Before Repatriation? Exploring Your Options

So, can you hold a funeral before repatriation? The answer is yes, but depending on several factors below may change your mind. In this article we will demonstrate the reasons why you might have a funeral before repatriation and reasons you might have to rethink.

Firstly, if you are looking to transport cremated remains then having a funeral whether its direct cremation or attended cremation at a crematorium will be required. This article only refers to having a funeral prior to body repatriation. Also when referring to ‘funeral’ this does not mean burial, only a ceremony.


The Family

If the deceased family is located in the country of death then it may be essential for a full funeral ceremony. And if the deceased family is located in both the country of death and the repatriation destination country two funerals might be needed. 


At the Funeral Home

Having two funerals will certainly increase the costs, however having a ceremony at the funeral directors Chapel of Rest also known as the peace room will not impact the costs significantly or not at all. The Chapel of Rest is typically used as a place of quiet reflection and preparation for the funeral, rather than as the main location for the service itself but in this case will serve as a great purpose. The service can include prayers, hymns, and eulogies, and may be conducted by a minister, celebrant, or a family member.


Cultural and Religious Beliefs

Cultural and religious beliefs can also play a significant role in the decision to hold a funeral before repatriation. In some cultures, it is customary to hold a funeral as soon as possible after death, regardless of the location. In others, it is believed that the body must be present for funeral rites and ceremonies.

If cultural or religious beliefs require the presence of the deceased’s body, it may be necessary to wait until repatriation is complete before holding a funeral.


Cost, Time and Practicality

Holding a funeral before repatriation can be costly especially if you are looking to have a funeral prior and post repatriation. Also something to think about is the cost of funerals in the destination company compared to the country of death. Some countries funerals are cheaper when you think of flowers, ministers/celebrants, funeral vehicles, funeral directors fees and more. 

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